Collector’s Corner: Art Collecting

Evansville Museum Still Life Exhibit


Throughout the ages, art and imagery have been a strong component of communication. Cave paintings, portraiture, hieroglyphs, and sanctioned works of art all provided a record of history, inspiration and instruction. Still today, art and design are in every aspect of our lives. It influences everything from clothing to architecture in an effort to market what is most pleasing to the eye. Art is part of human nature and a prevalent interest of collectors.

A common misconception that collecting art is only for the affluent art aficionado. Art collecting can be for anyone on any budget. It is a rewarding pursuit emotionally, aesthetically, intellectually and spiritually. Also, studies have shown that art, music and prayer produce similar brain wave patterns and contribute to healing. Uniquely, art collecting enhances one’s quality of life, stimulates analytical thinking and augments the ambience of living spaces.