When considering purchases, quality verses quantity should be a concern in goal setting. Prints can be an affordable addition but close attention should be paid to the type of print. Etchings, lithographs and monotypes are fine art prints that the artist creates utilizing traditional printing techniques. These are closely monitored for quality and include fewer prints in an edition. Typically fine art prints are signed across the bottom with a numbering system that indicates the number of the print and the total number of prints in that edition.

Traditionally, four-color lithography enabled artists to reproduce imagery of their work. Today, digital technology has allowed many artists to use a digital image of a painting and have digital and giclee prints produced for mass marketing. Digital prints can be on a variety of surfaces including canvas and high quality papers; however, the investment value can be sacrificed if the number of prints in the edition is over 500 and the paper quality is low. A letter of authenticity should accompany a four-color lithograph, digital or giclee reproduction along with the signature on the print.