Drone Film Festival

The Evansville Museum International Drone Film Festival on Saturday, March 10, 2018, was a film competition offering a unique overview of the development in trends and techniques of drone cinematography. The festival offered an international platform for filmmakers to exhibit their work as well as compete for cash prizes. The screenings of winning entries and shortlisted films took place inside the dome of the Museum’s Koch Immersive Theater throughout the festival. To view the winners of the 2018 International Drone Film Festival, visit https://evansvillemuseum.org/drone-winners/ or click the image below.


Evansville Federal Teacher’s Credit Union

Dr. Richard E. Litov

Michelle & Philip Eykamp

In memory of Robert W. Powell

Evansville Design Group

Haynie Travel Service

IBEW Local 16

Janet & Scott Mohler



Roger McBain – former arts editor for the Evansville Courier & Press

Joe Atkinson – digital multi-media specialist in residence at the University of Evansville

Aaron Begle – videographer, drone pilot



Over the Bridges  Brandon Mendel

Perspectives: South Carolina Coast  Daniel Balevski

Breathe Leslie Mundy

Alps in 4 Seasons Bashir Abu Shakra

The Castle and the Mist Philip Bloom

The Dying of the Light Ian Montgomery

Low Earth Orbit Gwendoline Biliris

Downtown Evansville, IN Cameron Martin

Moments Jonathan Lucan

Miami Mini Oliver Kmia

Moablastr Jonny Durst

Mixed Motion Project Marin Kafedjiiski

Mount Vernon Exploratory Tara Perry

Beauty and Bounty Doug Armknecht

Cabin at the River Silvia Zeitlinger