Exhibition Rentals

Outreach to Space

Our Outreach to Space traveling exhibition was designed by San Francisco’s Exploratorium. Built to withstand the rigors of family experimentation, the exhibits teach children and families about space and space travel through hands-on exploration.

This traveling exhibition features eleven stand-alone exhibits, wall banners, expandable parts and set-up instructions. The entire set of exhibits can be easily set up by one person using nothing more than a light hand truck. One exhibit, Different Worlds, Different Weights, allows guests to compare the weight of an apple on Earth against the weight of an apple on other bodies in the Solar System. Another favorite attraction, Space Colony, encourages children to use LEGO® blocks and a lot of imagination to construct their own visions for the future of space exploration. Both children and adults enjoy experimenting with Pressure Suit, which allows participants to pump air out of the exhibit chamber and observe two “Bug Out Bob” aliens inside; one fitted with a pressurized helmet and one exposed to the dropping air pressure.

Rental cost for the Outreach to Space exhibition is $4,100 for a 12-week venue. The exhibition is shipped in custom blanket-wrapped covers. The party renting the exhibition is asked to pay for shipping out of Evansville to the display site, and back to Evansville when the exhibition has been closed. Images of the exhibition may be viewed below.