Brief History of the Program

The Student Explainer program began during the summer of 1989 when a group of one dozen high school students were selected to begin training in an effort to assist with work being done in the science galleries and the planetarium located in the Museum. The program is a joint effort of the education and science departments.

The program was developed with the purpose of creating an opportunity for students to provide service to the community by assisting the science efforts of the staff and adult volunteers. It also provides valuable experiences for Tri-State youth in learning responsibilities, public speaking, and teamwork. Our program is modeled from the exhibit explainer concept in use for many years at the Exploratorium, a world-renowned science museum in San Francisco.


Who can do it?
The Student Explainer Program is a chance for students in grades 7-12 to volunteer in the science department of the Evansville Museum.

What do I do?
The Museum’s student volunteers are at present involved with assisting in the science areas of the Museum. Although there are limits to what you may potentially be asked to do, there is no limit on what you may propose to do. The primary duties of the Explainers are to assist visitors with the interaction of our hands-on Gallery, FamilyPlace, and the frequently changing exhibitions in the Alcoa Gallery.

Activities range from performing science demonstrations using materials and props supplied by the Museum to designing new demonstrations and assisting the public in the exploration of hands-on exhibits. Occasionally, you may be asked to assist with other special activities both at the Museum and away from the Museum that promote science. These activities are supervised and provide an additional opportunity to contribute to the program.


Job Description:

Encourage visitors to interact with exhibits in the Science Galleries

Learn and perform science demonstrations for Museum audiences

Assist the Museum with the creation of new demonstrations and participatory devices

Provide general tours of the Koch Science Center when asked to do so

Become familiar with the changing exhibitions in the Science Center

Attend training sessions as required

Cooperate with other team members in providing a quality experience for our visitors

Schedule hours as needed to remain active in the program

How do I join?
If you are a student in the target range we are looking for (7th to 12th grade) and you are interested in joining our program, all you need to do is follow the steps listed below:

Contact the name at the bottom of this page, either by phone, email, fax or letter. We’ll then send you a registration packet that will include the following forms: A registration form that you need to fill out and send back, 2 recommendation forms that you need to have completed by an adult who is not related to you, and an information sheet that covers many of the same points that you have seen here on the site.

Then What?
All new volunteers are required to undergo an initial training period in order to familiarize themselves with the Museum’s operation. In your new role as a student volunteer in training you will have an opportunity to learn about the basic requirements of the program that will allow you to function as an Explainer.

Download the Registration Packet Here

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know by emailing Mitch Luman .