Immersive Theater: The 360° Experience

What is Full Dome?

Digital Dome technology is a breakthrough experience known in the planetarium industry as a “full-dome” or “immersive” experience. The Koch Immersive Theater utilizes two marvelously-bright digital video projectors, a huge 40-foot-wide hemispherical projection screen and stadium-style seating that allows great views from any seat.

To get the highest resolution possible, the Theater uses two cinema-grade video projectors — one for each half of the dome — which project a total of 11 million pixels. The edges of the projection overlap seamlessly and blend together, resulting in crisp, high-contrast moving images.

The Koch Immersive Theater also uses a computer graphics display system manufactured by Evans and Sutherland, makers of Digistar®, the world’s most advanced full dome theater system. Our computer graphics system contains most of the known objects in the universe including stars, galaxies, nebula, planets, comets, asteroids, and exoplanets. With Digistar®, flexible storytelling tools make it possible to customize presentations for any audience.

Flat Images on a Round Screen?

Domes are round and video images are rectangular. This sounds completely obvious, but to adapt a video image on a dome our video frames have to warped so as to look natural on a round surface.

Take a flat image…


Wrap it inside a bowl…


The same shot on our planetarium dome!