Deaconess Gateway Hospital

Deaconess Gateway Hospital | Newburgh, Indiana

This facility was designed with the concept of the flowing Water and Nature as is the environment in Southern Indiana.

Main Street, the first floor that includes the lobby, patient registration and café; the Radiology, Heart Hospital and Blood Draw areas. The scope of this project covered multiple areas totaling 18,750 sf. Prior, Museum Art Source had provided the original artwork when the building was first built; custom blown glass art installation, sculptures, fiber wall hanging and original paintings of varying mediums. The Main Street original artwork was being added to and the other areas refurbished and updated.

To complement the artistic themes established initially, more site-specific artwork was commissioned to augment the art collection. A custom wood carved table that reflected the environment above and below a pond’s water surface. Two large custom built curved walls of graphic design printed Lexan panels were installed in the lobby’s seating area. Fine Art photography was also placed and abstracted metal works of art that depicted a topographical landscape. In other areas were custom designed collages of stylized digital photography of water, wind and sky that were printed on large canvases.

First Floor Emergency Department at 22,692 sf was redesigned and renovated. Using a design theme of Calm and Zen inspiration, a variety of textures imagery depicting elements of nature for adult medical care. That included artwork for eighteen exam rooms and seven framed digital prints of soothing graphics for the corridors as well as four hand-made paper artworks for the waiting room.

The Emergency Department included a Pediatric waiting area and exam rooms. The waiting area was walled with a special wall board that was printed with our custom designed graphic on a product developed for hospitals that can withstand cleaning and wear. The exam rooms were provided fun and happy imagery suitable for children.

Second Floor Endoscopy area at 6,220 featured contemporary and colorful images. There were 10 giclees and 10 large modern canvas pieces.

Patient Tower B; Patient Unit build outs on the 4th, 5th & 6th floors at 17,150 sf each that included 32 patient rooms on each floor, corridors, offices, consult rooms, conference rooms and waiting rooms. There were 96 pieces for the patient rooms, but on the 6th floor the rooms were provided custom headwall acrylic art pieces. There were 33 pieces of various nature works of art for the corridors. And there were 25 pieces for the individual offices and rooms, consult and waiting.