Epworth Crossing


The Museum Art Source is a division of the Evansville Museum Gift Shop of the Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science. MAS provides art consulting services for procuring works of art whether the client is looking for abstract or representational, wall hung or free standing sculpture. MAS specializes in custom artwork for site-specific projects in addition to museum curatorial services and resources.

MAS directs and coordinates the process from conception to installation. This service begins with consideration of the space for artwork. The color palette from wall paint to fabrics, the textures of flooring or architectural features and the lighting whether it is natural or incandescent are all factors that are taken into account as to where the art is installed, what style or color is the work, and who is best source for the artwork. Architectural and Interior Design most often evolves from a theme like a garden, water or a contemporary graphic design.

When MAS began the process of creating an artwork proposal for the Epworth Crossing facility, we met with the Interior Designer for a presentation on the inspiration being used in the architecture and design including the interior finishes. Since the facility is housing more than one medical service, there is a variation in the interior design scheme throughout the building. Each medical unit has a unique criterion for imagery such as the unit focusing on women’s health care should have a spa like quality with smoothing images and hues, or the area where children are to be administered medical treatment should be bright and fun.

Local artists and imagery were also a consideration. Out of a total of 23 artists commissioned to create their brand of artwork for Epworth Crossing, ten were local artists. From the large fiber wall hanging in the lobby to the hand-painted platters as well as custom colorful garden painting and a painted wood abstract, the creative talent of local artists was incorporated into the art collection. A number of photography pieces were selected to be placed in the corridors of the Clinic area. The photographers were local professionals who provided nature imagery from the region.

Unique opportunities present themselves when dynamic architectural features are designed into a facility. In the Epworth Crossing building design, a Healing Garden was located in a court yard setting with banks of windows surrounding the perimeter. This garden can viewed from a generous sitting area brighten by natural light. This was the perfect location for custom set of translucent acrylic tiles that are dyed various colors and stained to create interesting patterns that could be installed in front of the windows.

In the Clinic area at Epworth Crossing, there is a wall hung sculpture that looks to be a colorful ribbon. The sculpture is steam-bent ash wood that was dyed with translucent stains of rainbow colors. It’s a fun addition to the space and a great opportunity to use an “out of the box” piece of artwork.

The facility has the Hope Resource Center for mind, body and spirit enrichment programs. Located in this area is a masterfully created mixed media fine art work commissioned from a renowned printmaker in Bloomington, Indiana. The image is full of lively colors and intricate designs. And, also located in the Hope Resource Center are two very modern artworks that incorporate a new printing technique where photography is printed on wood and acrylic. It has a subtle air about it as the imagery is muted and awash with green tones.

In assembling an art collection other than the client’s aesthetics, key factors that are used in choosing the artists and artwork weight on the traffic flow, the purpose of the space, the interaction and, of course, the design. Artwork that provides big impact can be placed in prominent locations. Depending on the procedures taking place in a room, maybe an exam or a consultation, artwork can provide a distraction or evoke up lifting emotions. Coordinating artwork can be grouped, such as along a corridor or in a waiting room. The color and imagery of artwork can be the attribute that pulls together the Interior Design.

Art is a valuable component in creating inviting and quality spaces whether it’s a clinic waiting room or a living room. The Museum Art Source takes great care with finding the finishing touches for any space.